Daniel Ben Shushan

VP Products


6 years of experience as VP Of Media Technology and Entrepreneur Activity

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My Experience:
VP Operation/ RASBULA RBS GROUP Tel Aviv, Israel

Entrepreneurship Company and Consulting Services Management

VP Operation / Click Terminal & Starate Tel Aviv, Israel

Ad Tech Software Network – Worldwide Markets.

VP Operation / 365Guard, Israel

Software Support Company – French & Italian Markets.

VP Operation/ Sea Media Group Israel | Czech Republic | Philippines

Marketing services of products aimed to the local / international markets.


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Professional Life:

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Custom Web Design


Responsive / Mobile Sites


Email Design + Integration


UI / UX Expertise

6 years of experience as VP Of Media Technology and Entrepreneur Activity

"Hello, My Name Is Daniel And I Have More Than 6 years of experience as CEO Of Media Technology and Entrepreneur Activity"

My Experience Is in ENTREPRENEUR and Business Management
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