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Email Recognition Service

Email Confirmation, Adjustment & & Hygiene

Undeliverable and also unsafe handles may cause blocking and blacklisting by ISPs. Also something as upright as an inaccuracy on an enrollment kind may indicate a dropped possibility to associate witha beneficial customer. Usage SafeToSend to clean your email listing and also remove these hazards.

Bouncing emails, spamtrap favorites, worn-out lists, and harmed sender track records –- simply a few of the factors to utilize our SafeToSend ®& reg; email recognition service.

Unlike solutions that just legitimize or validate handles

SafeToSend makes sure perfect email list care witha robust three-step screening method.


Verify eachhandle directly to affirm that it’ s valid and also may allow email.


Our trademarked spell-check innovation remedies as many as seven inaccuracies in a singular handle as well as remedies any inaccuracies in your documents.


Weemail tester deal withto determine and flag spamtraps as well as other damaging email handles.

The payoff of SafeToSend is significant: 100% assured risk-free, deliverable email addresses that steer higher feedback prices, conversions, and also profits.

Stop gambling withyour data! Deal withthe Email Address Specialists.

FreshAddress knows even more concerning email handles than any kind of firm worldwide! Our team’ ve cleansed more than 11 billion deals withover the past 2 decades for 2,000+ clients, featuring 25% of the Ton of money one hundred. Here’ s what produces our company the greatest:

  • xpert Spam CatchDiagnosis

    FreshAddress has a group of data experts whose sole task is to fingerprint and flag spamtraps. No other provider has the know-how, experience, technology, or even knowledgebase to recognize these deliverable yet hazardous addresses.

  • Patented Spell-Check Innovation

    We’ ve evaluated over 10 billion email address enrollments and can determine, remedy, as well as legitimize the extensive majority of inadvertent errors made upon opt-in.

  • A Team You May Rely On

    The surveillance of your data is our top concern. Our procedures and also solutions abide by the most strict of data specifications, featuring Europe’ s General Information Protection Policy (GDPR).

  • A Square Package

    All outcomes are one hundred% assured deliverable or even your refund.

Email Validation Company Options

Correct flaws, steer clear of blacklists, as well as boost email deliverability by removing jumping email addresses, non reusable domains, and toxic-but-deliverable spam catches as well as honeypots.

Managed Email Validation

Clean your email listing utilizing the specialist know-how of the best knowledgeable and also committed team in the business.

Auto- BatchEmail Validation

Fast & & very easy cleansing for constant ventures. Well-maintained your email checklists 24/7. Perform routine records cleaning in a concern of hours.

Real- Opportunity Email Validation

Detect problematic addresses and appropriate enrollment inaccuracies in nanoseconds. Perfect for CRM & & POS devices and online forms.

How It Performses:

Here’ s exactly how SafeToSend repairs complicated inaccuracies and defends your data from harmful addresses.

Step 1: CHECK

To ensure it’ s deliverable, we:

  • Determine whether the deal withsyntax satisfies RFC (822, 2822, 5322, 3696, 5233, 6530) as well as FreshAddress standards.
  • Check eachhandle directly to confirm that the uppermost and also lesser domain names and also connected MX (mail exchanger) files are valid and also may take mail.
  • Ensure deal withcomplies withISP-specific demands.
  • Verify the profile is linked to a real working mail box. (Our proprietary algorithm for this procedure includes a vast database of latest email deliverability lookings for as well as a real-time SMTP check.)


To make best use of the lot of secure, deliverable deals withon your list:

  • Our trademarked spell-check technology corrects as lots of as seven inaccuracies in a solitary address and repairs any type of flaws, consisting of:.
    • Misplaced or altered @ signboards and also invalid signs like areas or quotes.
    • Typos in bothTLD’ s(. com,. net,. edu, and so on)’and LLD ‘ s( gmail, aol, Hotmail, and so on)
    • ANY misspelled domain, not just the absolute most preferred ones.
  • Our proprietary formula are going to additionally advise substitute domains for unusual access (like @gmail. com instead of @google. com).
  • Every corrected email handles featured in your data is actually one hundred% ensured to become valid and also deliverable.


We check email online handle against our extensive knowledgebase to pinpoint as well as flag for removal any sort of damaging (but deliverable) email handles, including:

  • Toxic: Spamtraps and also honeypots.
  • Undesirable: Constant bellyachers, duty accounts, disposable domains, fictitious and harmful email deals with, client-specific reductions.
  • Not best-practice: DMA ” Perform Certainly not Email Listing” ” as well as FCC wireless domains.